May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

Last Monday was our regular monthly Board Meeting.  This meeting was preceded by a student discipline hearing that commenced at 5:30.

The meeting summary is as follows:

                I.            Call to Order shortly after 6:00
             II.            Educational Items
        a. Awards
Gladys McNinch – recognition of years of service in food service, she is retiring
Alice Thomas – recognition of years of service in food service, she is retiring
          III.            Consensual Items were approved
            a. Minutes of last Meeting
              b. Financial Report
          IV.            Business Items
a.    Inventory Deletions
Each year we send out a list of items that are worn out or no longer useable.  The list was approved by the Board.
b.   Special Education Budget
This was the Title VI budget.  It is required by the State earlier this year.  It was approved by the Board.  There were no significant changes represented in the budget.
c.    Community Disaster Loan
After the tornado the school district applied for a FEMA Community Disaster Loan.  This was approved by FEMA for over $2,000,000.00 and works like an overdraft.  The interest rate is 1.67%.  The Board decided to draw $300,000 on this loan as there is a chance that the loan maybe forgiven if the school district can show loss due to the tornado.  The idea was to try for this loan as the benefits are great if the loan is forgiven.   The loan will be used to pay staff salary payouts for the end of the school year.                                                     
             V.            Employment Resignations
a. Resignations/Employment
The following resignations were approved 
                         Gladys McNinch – Food Service
                        Alice Thomas – Food Service
                        Rondi Moix – Bookkeeper
                        Jennifer Dunn - Teacher
Employment of the following were approved
                        Hannah Scarbrough - Vocal Music/Choir Teacher
                        Jace Gadberry - English Teacher
                        Kathy Lehman - Special Education Teacher
                        Kari Barnett - Elementary Media Specialist

b. Food Service Staffing Plan
This plan was presented to ensure the Board were agreeable with the staffing plan for the lunch room program for next year. The plan moved some staffing positions but overall there was no increase in staffing hours for the food service program next year.    
c. Superintendent Evaluation
This topic was deferred to the Board Workshop.


Have a great day.

John Gray