April 5, 2016

April 4, 2016

Last night was our regular monthly meeting and it lasted nearly two hours.  The following is a summary of the meeting:

The meeting opened with the presentation of awards.  This started with recognizing our winning 6th grade basketball team.  They were undefeated this season.   High School awards recognized Alyssa Edwards- All-State Bowling; Candis Burdess- placed 3rd in the Central Regional Art Show; Callie Malone, Erin Bradley, Ivy Shelby and Alex Stark - maintained 4.0 throughout high school and Sarah Henderson- creation of maker space and use of Donors Choose.

We had two visitors representatives from the Leadership Academy presented an award to recognize Mrs Candie Watts on achieving Master School Principal.

The consensual items of the minutes and financial report were approved.   A presentation/training was provided by Mr Gray on school funding.
Business items started with a discussion on school colors and their use on school sporting uniforms.   Trade marking of a school logo was discussed and some suggestions were made on the direction we should go on getting a logo trademarked.  Some discussion was held on creating a letter “M” that can be used by the District.

On April 14 the School District in conjunction with the Arch Ford CoOp ALE program will be asking the State Board for a waiver.  The waiver will be for addition of a new HUB program for our students.  This program will give flexible study hours for some students so they can participate with the JAG Program.  The JAG program allows students to be prepared for the work place and allow them to go to work. 

The following transfers were approved.  Mr Jeff Cox to High School Assistant Principal effective July 1 and Mrs.  Pam Pipkins to Middle School Media Specialist for next year.

The new Elementary Assistant Principal will be Neely Claassen subject to licensure and becoming Tess Evaluator certified.

There was a short conversation about the Superintendent evaluation process.  The Board members were asked to bring ideas to the next meeting on items for consideration in developing a Personal Growth Plan.

Have a great day.

John Gray