January 13, 2016

January 13, 2016


Superintendent Update

The regular monthly board meeting was held last Monday.  It was a short meeting as we were conflicting with the Fall Athletic Banquet.  The meeting lasted just over thirty minutes.
A summary of the meeting is as follows.  The highlight of the meeting was the election of a new board member as Jeff Duncan regrettably resigned due to personal reasons.  I would like to welcome Mr. Benji Post to the Board.  He will fill Jeff’s position until the next election.   This means we will have two positions up for election in September.  

The consensual items of minutes and the financial report were approved.   The expense over $5,000 from Instrument and Supply Inc. for a sewer grinder pump costing $5,777.00 was approved.

The Board adopted a resolution approving our Facilities Master Plan.   Also Elizabeth Tapley was approved as a long-term substitute for elementary music.   The meeting closed around 6:35.

The school administrators meet each Wednesday morning.   Several new initiatives for the district were discussed.   The most exciting would probably be the technology improvements we have coming.  Tomorrow The Department of Information Services will have representatives on the campus to upgrade our internet access.  Last year we increased our internet speed from approximately 15 Meg. to 50 Meg.   Tomorrow our network will be increase to just under 300 Meg.  This is a greatly needed improvement and we are lucky to be one of the first group of schools to be upgraded by the State.  

This internet speed will be followed by a wireless hot spot upgrade.  We will be going from a domestic quality wireless network to a more robust, commercial grade wireless network.  This is due to an Erate grant that was applied for.  

The other exciting technology improvement is the upgrading of our school website and getting a mobile app.   The new website will be mobile friendly and will be introduced at the start of the next school year.  The website address will be http://www.mayflower.school.   This website will allow teachers to create pages for their classes or grades if they choose to. One of the big advantages is that teachers, administrators and staff will be able to work on, build and upgrade the website as they need.

The last technology improvement discussed was the upgrade of our School Reach service.  This will be now done by School Messenger after January 22.   It offers more features and is more user friendly.  I am sure you will see the improvements when it comes on line shortly.

During the administration meeting we discussed several other topics including a very successful State review of our District Cafeteria program.  We received a great report and I am glad our lunch program is running so well.

The final highlight of our meeting was a discussion on the latest updates by the State and The Federal Government on the new accountability laws (ESSA Act).   We also have a continued flow of new curriculum being written and introduced by the State since we are moving away from the PARC curriculum.  

Have a great day.  Our next regular Board meeting is scheduled for February 1.

John Gray