December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015

Last night was the regular monthly Board meeting.  A summary of the meeting is as follows.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.   The meeting started with awards for our golf athletes and two academic awards for students who did well on the ACT test.   This was followed by a presentation by two of our Computer Science students and their use of Python programming language.

The next part of the meeting was a public meeting to discuss the annual facilities plan for the School District.  The plan was reviewed and there was an opportunity for discussion and input.  The Board will have the facilities master plan on its agenda for the January meeting.  This will be when the Board will have the opportunity to approve the plan before it is submitted to the State. 

The consensual items of the minutes and financial report were approved by the Board. There was a short presentation to the Board on how to read and understand the contents of the District’s revenue financial report. 

The following expenses over $5,000 were approved.  They included:-
Mayflower Banking Center for loan payment, $10,119.66; Video Reality for Smart Boards, $16,540.76; Arch Ford Co-Op for Membership fee, maintenance supplies and general supplies, $5,359.79; Summit Bus for bus parts, $5,741.94, PCMI for subs, $5,989.45.

The following transfers into the District from Conway were approved.  They were:- Trinity Reppenhagen age 11, Hailey Reppenhagen age 9, Katrina Phillips age 16.

The School District has two old buses and on old suburban to sell by bids.  The Board gave the Superintendent approval to put these items up for bid.  The plan is to advertise them in the newspaper and possibly on Craig’s List.

The final item discussed during the meeting was about the Grassy Lake area becoming part of the Mayflower School District.  The Superintendent is to contact the Superintendent of the Pulaski County Special School District to investigate the possibility of this.  
This was a short meeting that lasted just under an hour.  The next meeting is planned for January 11 at 6:00 in the High School Media Center.

Have a great day.

John Gray
Mayflower School District