November 10, 2015

November 11, 2015

Last night the Board’s regular monthly meeting was held.  The following is a summary of what happened during the meeting. 

The meeting opened at 6:00 pm.  The meeting started with awards and recognition to Middle School teachers and awards.   Recognition was first given to junior high choir for their achievements at regional competitions.   Next were demonstrations by several students and their programmed robots.  Lastly with a presentation on formal assessment by grade 5, 6 and 7 math teachers that they had learned through the Math Design Collaborative.  

Stephens Inc represented by Leigh Ann Biernat presented a possible bond/loan refunding that would save the District interest costs possibly up to about $140,000.  The Board moved to continue with this process of possibly refinancing the bond. 

The consensual items of the minutes and financial report were approved. 
The following expenses over $10,000 were approved:- American Bus Sales for bus, $46,000; First Community Bank for bond payment, $13,746.75; Educators Book Depository for textbooks, $7,577.2; Edmentum Assessments for Plato Software, $9,999.00; Hatch for Pre-K computer learning center, $6,632.84; TigerDirect for computers, $7,055.91.

The following student transfers were approved. 
Student transfers in from Conway:-
Corinne Riley age 16, Makayla Ford age 7 and Kylee Ford age 5, Hadden Lynne Evans age 5, Ashton Shaye Munson age 3, Payton Leon Munson age 5, Caylee Dotson Age 7 , Patience Ryan age 8, Nathan Lee age 6, Andrea Harris age 10, Joanne Hunter age 8, James Hunter age 7, Ravionna Austin age 6, Lakisha Austin age 5, Davanta Durden age 9 and James Aaron Williams age 17.
One transfer out to Vilonia:- Thomas Thacker Jr. age 7.

An ethics declaration was approved.  Randy Rankin cooked B.B.Q. for Teacher Appreciation week (4/21/15) and this was paid for by the teachers out of their Sunshine Activity account. 

A request was received to create a band booster organization.  This was approved by the Board.

The Board approved to consolidate several dormant High School Activity accounts that have funds to a new account to support our students with low income to pay for their concurrent credit classes. 

A discussion was held and the Board was updated on the latest information on the construction of an elementary storm shelter.   There is a possibility this project can be combined with a City Community Center and Public Safety Office.   By doing this we may be able to build a bigger storm shelter and help our community and possibly generate more funds. 

A discussion was held about the latest information of increasing road access to the Middle School and High School campus.  It was decided that when the new access is created the School District would look at beautifying the end of Billy road with plants and a foot bridge after the culvert is removed.  
It was approved to pay a one-time bonus of $1,000.00 gross amount to all contracted employees; to be paid on or after 12/3/2015.
A resignation from Debra Evans was approved effective November 20, 2015.  Jace Gadberry was approved as a long term substitute.

The meeting was closed at 8:24.  The Board will be conducting its annual Board tour of the campuses this Friday starting at the Elementary School at 8:00 a.m.

Have a good day,

John Gray