October 6, 2015

October 6, 2015

Last night was the regular monthly Board Meeting.   Before the Board meeting started the Annual Report to the Public was presented.   This will be available on our website shortly and a summary will be published in the local newspaper.  

A summary of the meeting was as follows:
                I.            Call to Order
             II.            Visitors
        a. Road access to MS and HS campus
The County Judge attended the meeting.  A discussion was held about opening a new road to the High/Middle School campuses for road congestion and safety reasons.   The Judge was very supportive to the school district and will work towards the county building a road to increase access to the campus.
          III.         Election of Board Officers
The new positions are as follows:
President:  Scott Sewell
Vice President:  Sherilee Holland
Secretary:  Terry Turner
Primary Disbursing Officer:  Pat Raney
Disbursing Officers; All Board Members
          IV.            Consensual Items
            The consensual items of the minutes and financial report were approved.
             V.            Education Items
        a. Elementary Awards
Mrs Pipkins and Mrs Morse were presented a teacher Leadership Award for their acceptance into the leadership academy.   The following students were presented an award for being selected on the school student leadership advisory committee.  Julie Morse, Kade Williams, Haden Richardson, Abby Roberts, Ava Butler, Dareck Haynes, London Webb and Hailey Francis
        b. LDC/MDC – Middle School
Mr Pipkins and Mrs Koch presented the professional development activities of their staff.  They covered the features of the Literacy/Math Design Collaborative that is sponsored by the ADE. 
          VI.            Business Items
a.    Expenses >$5000.00
The following expenses were approved:  Education Book Depository for textbooks, $5,208.36 and $19,125.67;  Tempco Heating and Air for installation of 5 ton unit and a compressor, $5,247,19;  The Sportstop for football gear, $5,117.55; Arch Ford Ed Co-Op for Lease Program, Appraisal Service, Staff Dev., GT Coordinator, ALE and Facilities support, $69,362.80.
b.   Correction of previous minutes
The April 6, 2015 minutes were amended to show the Board reviewed the annual audit report
c.    Resolution for pay increases over 5%
The Board approved the resolution approving the staff increases over 5%.
d.   Employee Business dealings (ethic requirements).
The business dealing with Sarah Henderson and LyBrand Signs Inc were approved.                                                                        
       VII.            Personnel
a.    Long Term Substitute
Mrs. Di Baldwin was approved as a long term substitute.
    VIII.            Discipline Hearing was conducted after a short break.  The Board moved to expel John Oglesby for the remainder of the calendar year.                                                                                                  

The meeting concluded at 8:05 pm.


John Gray

Mayflower School District