July 7, 2015

July 7, 2015

Last night was our regularly scheduled monthly board meeting. The following is a summary of the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.  Consensual Items were approved after there was a short education section on reading the financial reports.
Business Items were next and included the following.
a.   The following expenses over $5000.00 were approved.
1. Video Reality for SMART boards, $6,638.10;
2. Dept of the Treasury for refund of over payment on interest on QSCB loan, $81,457.23.
b.   Student transfers into the district from Conway were approved. 
 Eli Douglas age 13, Allen Douglas age 8, Gavin Douglas age 7, Charity  Douglas age 6.
c.    Food Service Bread and Milk Bids were approved from Harris Baking and Hiland Dairy.
d.   Two Board policies were updated.  They are policies 3.2 and 7.5.  This was due to changes at the State level.
e.    A few minor updates were made to the preschool handbook for next year.
f.     A few updates were made to the student handbook and it is now ready to send to the press.
g.   The Board approved the purchase of two used buses subject to inspection.   Bus 1 - Handicap bus:  Master’s Transportation Inc., Malvern, Diesel 6.6l, 14 plus 2 passenger (room for two wheel chairs), 2009, 77,023 miles, $33,500.
Bus 2 - 84 Passenger Route Bus:  American Bus Sales, All American, C7 CAT Engine, Hydraulic Brakes, 7 years old, Stock #1648, $46,000 with 2 year warranty. $46,000.
h.   Employment process
There was a discussion on the current employment process and how it can be improved.  The topic was sent back to the administrators to work on. 
i.  Elementary Storm Shelter
The Board approved to keep working on this project and to undertake soil work at the site.  The FEMA application for $553,000 worth of funding is progessing well.  We have some preliminary plans from the architect.

The topic of personnel was next on the agenda.  A resignation from Jayme Claassen was approved.   The following staff were approved for employment:-  Ryan Williams - Computer Tech., Savanah Blalock – Sp Ed Para Pro., Lesley Johnson – Pre K Para Pro., Hailey Cockerham – Pre-K Classified Teacher, Charlotte Troutman – food service, Lori Cole – Classroom Teacher, Angela Hayes – Classroom Teacher, Angela Miller – Classroom Teacher, Christie Burns – HS Counselor

Each year by state law the district has to present to the Board for awareness of any employees that had earned 5% or more than the previous year.  The list was presented to the Board and approved.

The last item for the night was the Superintendent’s mid-year evaluation.  The Board went into executive session for this.  When they returned from executive session the meeting was adjourned.

Have a great day,

John Gray