May 8, 2015

May 8, 2015

Last Monday the regular monthly board meeting was conducted.  It went for about 1.5 hours.   The following is a summary of the meeting.

The meeting started with a public meeting on the elementary storm shelter.  An overview was given about the proposed storm shelter for the elementary court yard.  It will be sufficient size to hold the students and staff of the school.   The FEMA grant amount for the project will be released on May 12.   The overall cost for the project is anticipated to be about one million dollars.  If anyone has questions on this project please let me know.

Next, there were several high school awards made to outstanding athletes:  J.P. Perry, Hayden Long, Drew Duncan, Tyler Herrin, Adam Dycus, Trey Lasker and Justin Bailey.  Matthew Stelly was honored for his dedication of service to the United States Army. This was followed by awards for staff for their exceptional efforts.  This included Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Crowson, Mrs Thacker and Mrs Templeton.  Mr Stallings was recognized for being the 3A Coach of the year.

We had one visitor and that was Jack Truemper.  Jack is the school financial advisor and represents Stephens, Inc.  Jack provided an updated financial analysis of the district.  It looks at our millage rate and our facility loans mainly.  Overall, we are financially sound and the district is doing well.  We are hoping our millage base may grow over time so we will be eligible to raise more funds to improve facilities.  The long range plan is to build a new high school when enrolment is sufficient to justify the cost.

The consensual items of finance and minutes were approved.

Next, were the expenses over $5,000.00.  The following expenses were approved. 
Conway Area Career Center for student tuition fees, $14,625.33; Video Reality for SMART Boards, $16,377.26; PCMI for subs, $6,913.89.

The topic of new meal prices was discussed.  This was tabled until the next meeting.

A list of inventory items was presented for deletion.  It consisted mostly of old technology.   This was approved by the Board. 

Over the last month the staff and I have been working on many school policy updates.  The source for these updates came from the Arkansas School Boards Association.  Many of the changes were due to legislation changes.   A copy of the changes is available on request.  This policy will take effect next year and will be posted on the school website soon.

On recommendation of the PPC the following statement was added to the school calendar for next year.  “In accordance with Act286 extended days may be used to make up any school days missed.”

Resignation requests from the following employees were approved: 
      Nick Williams – Band Director, Rachel Trusty – HS Art Teacher, Chelsea Howard – Elem                   Teacher, Terri McCuien- HS Special Ed.Aaide, Jami Reed – HS English, Caroline Carmack –             Speech Therapist,  Angie Wright- Elem Teacher.

Employment was approved for Speech Therapist:  Sarah Hahn of Conway and
Assistant Principal M.S.: Kim Koch who is currently the HS Media Specialist.


John Gray