April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015

The regular monthly Board meeting was held last night.  The following is a summary of the items covered.

The meeting was opened at approximately 6:00 pm.  The first items were the presentation of elementary awards.  These were presented to staff and students who participated in the Jump Rope for Heart fund raising activities.  This was followed by middle school awards covering the new butterfly garden grant and the new middle school science night.

The consensual items of the minutes and financial report were approved.   This was followed by expenses over $5,000.  These were:-
Arch Ford Education Service Co-Op for services, $66,931.68; Bancorpsouth Insurance for Educators Legal Liability Policy, $6,299.00; State of Arkansas – Dept. of Workforce for unemployment benefits, $8,728.71.

One student transfer from Conway was approved.  

A discussion was held on changes to the preschool handbook.  Two changes were approved.  The first being:

“If your child is signed in after 8:20 he/she will be considered tardy.  Three tardies will be counted as an absence. (For more information on the absence policies please see section E, Absence/Attendance Policy on page 5”

The second being:

“The Establishment Clause makes it clear that ABC activities must be neutral with respect to religion.”

The proposed Section 504 Handbook that had been circulated to all staff and worked on by our school counselors was approved by the school board. A copy can be obtained from our counselors.

The school received a copy of our annual audit and this was presented to the Board.   The finds were reviewed and the Board moved that the audit was reviewed.  A copy of the audit can be found on the school district website. 
Our licensed PPC committee made two proposals to the Board for consideration.  Both proposals were approved.  The first was policy 3.8F –Annual pay for unused sick leave.  The request was for the rate of pay to be updated from $40.00 to $65.00.   The Board also approved this update for the classified personal in policy 8.41M(a).  The second proposal
addressed policy 3.35 – Licensed Personnel Benefits. An additional benefit was added to pay the teacher license fees for a certified teacher that has been teaching in the Mayflower School District for 5 years.  

The topic of this year’s and next year’s school calendars was discussed.   It was decided for this year we would not make up any inclement weather days using the new extended day law.  This means our last day of school this year will be June 5.  However, consideration will be given to the use of this law in the future.   The licensed PPC are going to present some wording for the next year’s school calendar to reflect this possibility. 

Two resignations were accepted by the Board.  The first was from Madonna Harris in food service.  The second was from Rachel Trusty, effective May 15, from High School art. 

The board started a round table discussion on several policies.  The following policies were updated and approved.
      1. School Choice to reflect current law.   School choice applications now have to be received by May 1.
      2.  Staff Attendance Policies 3.5M and 8.42M(a) were taken from a trial basis to now permanent policies.
      3.  Board policy 1.2 was updated without the legislative liaison position.
      4.  Board policy 1.19 was approved concerning board member length of term and holdovers. 
      5.  Discussion was held on the cell phone policy and referred to the handbook committee. 

The meeting concluded around 8:30.

John Gray