March 3, 2015

March 2, 2015

The regular scheduled Board meeting was held at 7:30 on Monday evening.   A summary of the meeting is as follows.

The consensual items were approved.

There was a discussion on the student handbook cell phone policy.  It was suggested that the policy for lower middle school be revisited by the handbook committee and returned to the Board for consideration.

There was also a discussion on the personnel sick and personal leave policy.   This was referred to the PPC committees to see if they were interested in any updates.

The school calendar for 2015/16 was approved.  As there is now a new law the Board would be interested in feedback from the PPC committees on making up lost days.  This law allows the minimum of 60 minutes to be added to the regular school day to make up lost school time.

Resignations were accepted from Sissy Daubenheyer – Preschool Aide and Andrea Gibson – Elementary custodian.

Employment was approved for Lisa Davis – Special Education Teacher and Aaron Leabres – Computer Technician.


John Gray