February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015


Superintendent Update

Last night was the Board’s regular monthly Board Meeting.  The meeting only had a few agenda items on the list but it took a long time due to a very long executive session.  A summary of the meeting is as follows:

The meeting started with High School Awards.  These awards were presented to students for a variety of reasons from academic excellence to sports.  Award recipients included Austin Grundy, Ashley Raney, Jamin Madden, Alex Stark, Josh Woodham, Drew Duncan, Adam Dycus, Trey Lasker, Paxton Templeton, Tristen Lasker, Briana Gebhardt, Gavin Jones, Shanna Smith, Whitney McCrary, Bella York, Rachel Whitt.  Two staff members were recognized and they were Todd Langrell and Rachel Trusty.

The Board decided for the District to continue its work towards building a storm shelter for the elementary school.  The District has been offered a 75% grant from A.D.E.M./F.E.M.A. that is currently totaled at $553,000.   The professional services of the architect firm of Jackson, Brown and Palculict was obtained.   The professional services of Burge Consulting was approved to perform the services of Project Manager. 

Two student transfers from Conway were approved. 

The Board discussed the need for improving the disruption to the school and community caused by the blocking of the railway crossing on Hwy 89 in Mayflower.   The Board Members signed a letter to be sent to Union Pacific. 

A resignation from Mary Meeks of Food Service was accepted.  She plans to retire at the end of the school year.

The Board went into executive season for many hours to consider the Superintendent’s contract.  On return to the meeting the contract was renewed and a motion passed to place the superintendent evaluation in the personnel file.

We have been notified that on February 17 and 18 the railway crossing on Highway 89 will be closed for maintenance.   There will be a detour set up for vehicles to cross the railway line on Poplar Street (past Lumber One).  


John Gray