December 4, 2014

December 4, 2014

Football season is over.  We had a great year for football.  Congratulations to the coaches and team for a job well done.   I feel it was good for the students as they learned character, responsibility and to never give up.   These are good characteristics for their future in our competitive world.

We had the regular monthly Board meeting on Monday evening.  Items of interest would include the following:

 A new agenda item for the Board is the recognition of students and staff members.  This month was the Elementary School’s turn.  Next month will be Middle School.  The Elementary School awards were presented to the kindergarten teachers for excellence, several kindergarten students for excellent performance and the volunteers of the Mimi Program. 

2      Mr Pipkins presented an update on the latest academic initiatives of the Middle School.   Topics covered  were the activities of the teachers and staff with the math consultant.   Angie Zimmerman’s work with the business and technology program.  Middle School was the recipient of four science grants.   KaBoom is offering the potential of a new playground for the students.   Also, the TLI scores are showing growth.

3    The Board decided to continue the trial of the policy for classified staff on the use of time sheets.   This is subject to the PPC  approval.

4     A bid from Little Rock Tours was accepted for the Middle School field trip to St Louis.  Another bid from CINTAS was approved for facilities supplies.

5    We have a new employee to welcome.  It is Brandi Blackman who will be working in food service at the Elementary School. 

      Winter break is coming up as well as end of semester testing.   Winter break is from December 22 and student return on Tuesday January 6.

      Have a good break.

      John Gray