November 4, 2014

November 4, 2014

Last night was our regular monthly Board Meeting.  The following is a summary of the meeting.

                I.            Call to Order
             II.            Visitors – Jack Truemper for Bond Refinancing
The School District in an effort to lower the interest rate on one of our bonds decided to try and refinance the loan.   This was done on October 20 and we were successful   The Board accepted the offer and moved to lower the interest rate.   The overall saving in the life of the loan will be $87,872.33.

          III.            Consensual Items were approved as presented.
          IV.            Education
        a. Awards Discussion
A discussion was held about the Board recognizing good work of our students and employees.  It was decided that the schools would select achieving individuals each month for recognition.  Next month awards will be given to recipients from the Elementary School.   This will be followed by the Middle School the following month then the High School the month after.  This cycle will be continued while school is in session.
             V.            Business Items
a.   Expenditures > $5,000.00
The following expenses were approved.  The Board had a discussion with Ron Harris and his program as he attended the meeting.
A Level Up Inc (Ron Harris), $5,000.00; Mid South Sales for fuel, $6,688.81;  PCMI for Subs., $8,651.46;  Riggs Cat for bus repair, $7,591.27; Midsouth Sales for Fuel, $7,095.89.

b.   Banquet Discussion
The Board moved to award each contracted employee at one time $300.00 gross bonus.  This will be presented at the banquet to be held on Dec 15 at the High School Cafetorium.

c.    Time Sheet report
The Board reviewed time sheets of all classified employees.  The Board discussed the need for accurately filling out the timesheets by employees.
          VI.            Personnel
a.   Employment/Resignations
A resignation was accepted from  Alana Jones – Food Service
Employment of the following were approved:
1. Pre-School Para Pro to fill vacancy – Sissy Daubenheyer
2.  Custodian for HS to fill vacancy -  Elaine Ealy (Transfer from Food Service)
4. Food Service to fill vacancy – Ricky Solis 

       VII.            Adjournment
The meeting took about 90 minutes.


John Gray