July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

School starts August 18 and the Board has been busy with two Special Meeting the last two Mondays.  The July 21 meeting covered the following topics.

A long discussion was had involving the location of the a storm shelter for our elementary school.  The final decision was made to place it in the Elementary court yard where the playground equipment is located.  This location places this safety facility closest to our students so they can get to it as quickly as possible.  This means that the playground has to be moved.  This process has been started and it will be located at the back of the Elementary Gym.

The July 28 meeting was mainly about employment.  Mr. Gary Logan's resignation was accepted.  The following three positions were filled.

High School Assistant Principal:  Mr. Joe Allbritton
Choir Teacher:  Kathy Hoover
Middle School Teacher:  Kara Hollinger

The meeting was finished after a discussion on the progress of moving the elementary playground and a discussion on doing an exit survey of resigning staff.

Have a great day,

John Gray