April 11, 2014

April 4, 2014

Last Tuesday evening the Board had its regular monthly meeting.  A summary  of the meeting is as follows.

The meeting started with a discipline hearing in closed session.  The final decision was to expel the student for the remainder of the school year.

We had the pleasure of a presentation by our new police chief.  This gave the opportunity for the Board to meet him.  There was also a discussion about the City being willing to work with the School District in getting a full time School Resource Officer.

The consensual items of the minutes and financial report were approved.

The following expenditure over $5,000.00 was approved:  Green and Chapman Inc for fuel, $8242.5.

The school calendar was discussed as we have four days to make up.  The Board decided we would make up these days on April 18, May 26, May 29 and May 30.  This means the last day of school will be May 30.

Time Clocks were discussed and the different options we had were considered.  It was decided to table this topic and seek further information.

There was a long discussion on our handbook bully policy and what the Board’s expectations are.

Resignations of the following were accepted:  Misty Nix, Blake Tinsley, Jed Davis and Larry Pitts.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9.55.

Have a great day,

John Gray