March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

The Board held its regular monthly meeting last Tuesday night.
  The following is a summary of the decisions.

                I.            Business Items

a.       The following expenditures > $5,000.00 were approved. Satterfield Oil for fuel, $7,937.98; Green and Chapman for fuel, $6,644.92; Will Sub for substitutes, $8173.43 and 7,850.60;  Bancorpsouth Insurance for Liability Insurance, $5,916.00;

b.      School Calendar

The school calendar as circulated was approved with an addition on the bottom that says we will use the 5 snow days at the end of the calendar first before the Board considers making other calendar changes.

c.       Special Education Handbook update that we have been circulating was approved.

d.      The Active Killer (Shooter) Policy that we have been circulating was approved by the board.  This will become part of the School District Crisis Plan.

e.       Annual Audit was presented and discussed.  We had another good audit this year.

f.       ALE potential programs were present and the Board approved some additional alternative school options for our high need students.  Next year we will be adding an additional K-6 and 7-12 programs in Conway.  These programs will run by the Arch Ford Educational Co-Operative and will have several school district participating.

             II.            Personnel

a.   Employment/Resignation

      A resignation from Connie Smith was approved.  Mr. T J Slough was employed as the new High School Principal effective immediately.


John Gray