January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014

The Board conducted its regular monthly meeting last Monday.  A summary of the meeting is as follows.
                I.            Call to Order at 6:00
             II.            Consensual Items of Minutes of last Meeting and Financial Report were approved.
          III.            Business Items
a.       The following expenditures over $5,000.00 were approved.
PCMI Will Sub for substitutes, $7,335.37; Airgas for agriculture equipment as per bid, $12,206.60 (grant); Thomas Fuels for fuel, $$6,912.85; Airgas for agriculture program tools, $10,634.36 (grant).
b.      Banking Bid
Bids were advertized and we had a public opening. We received two bids.  Both bids were similar in services and costs.  There was a difference in interest rates.  The rates are as follows. Centennial interest is 91-day T-bill plus 50 basis points, floating, with a floor of 1.00%.  First Security interest rate is .63% APY fixed for the three (3) year period with the option on re-evaluate annually. First Security Bank was awarded the bid.
c.       Playground Drainage Bid
We advertised and had a public opening on the playground drainage bids.  We received two bids.  One bid from Faulkner Plumbing and Mechanical of Mayflower in the amount of $12,000 and one from Paladino Construction Inc of Conway in the amount of $29,000. This was tabled for further information and the Board plans to meet again on Monday to discuss this bid further.   
d.      Bathroom Renovation Bid
We received one bid from Western Millwright Services Inc of Russellville in the amount of $38,950.00. The Board took no action.
e.   Long Term Substitute
      The High School needs a long term Math substitute.  No one have been found at the time of the meeting.  No action was taken.
f.   The Board also discussed the possibility of purchase the Gentry land that borders on the proposed new high school site.  This land is being considered because it provides access.  The Board requested further information. No action was taken.
g.   The Board has been considering using more technology to distribute the Board packets each month.  A Drop Box account has been created and the directions were given to the Board.
h.  The Board discussed on how to make up the school day lost on January 9.  No action has been taken on this. 
          IV.            Personnel
a.   Employment
      A new FACS teacher, Beth Binkley was employed effective January 6.
b.   Superintendent Evaluation
      The Board went into executive session to work on the Superintendents Evaluation.  On their return to the meeting they moved to have the evaluation placed in the Superintendent’s file.

The Board plans to meet again this Monday at 6:00 in the elementary library.  The main reason for the meeting is to discuss the drainage bid for the elementary school.  They also want to discuss the drainage of the Baseball field.


John Gray
jgray@mayflowerschools.info   Phone:  501-470-0506 x103

Special Board Meeting:  January 20, Elementary School Library, 6:00pm.
Next Regular Board Meeting:  February 3,   Elementary School Library, 6:00 pm.

School sports photos found at: http://superintendent.shutterfly.com