June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016


Superintendent Update

The following is a summary of our recent regular monthly board meeting.   Our next regular meeting will be on July 11.

                 I.            Call to Order
                 II.      Awards – Our Teachers of the Year were recognized.  They are Michelle Morse, Erika Easley, and Sabrina Thacker.  Our Classified Employee of the Year is Elaine Ealy.
            III.      Consensual Items of the minutes and the financial report were approved.
           IV.            Business Items
a.    The following expenses over $5,000 were approved:
Summit Truck Group for bus parts and labor, $6,228.63; Tiger Direct for laptops at MS, $11,949.04;  Arch Ford Education Co Operative for services, $69,229.28;  Conway Career Center for tuition, $17, 875.00; Arkansas Department of Education for Medicaid State Match, $9,011.45; Methodist Family Health for Therapy Day Treatment, $7,345.00.
b.   The following Student Transfers were approved:
Transfers Out: Levi Morgan age 6.
Transfers In: Kylee Ritchey age 8, Layton Ritchey age 6, Levi Ritchey age 5 and Noah Shields age 16.
c.    Election Budget
The election budget that is to be published in the local paper was approved.  This is part of the school board election process.
d.   Food Service Bids – Food, Bread
The bread bid was awarded to Harris Breads. The food bid was awarded to Ben E Keith. These bids were for our food service program.
e.    School Resource Officer
After discussion on the importance of safety to our students and the costs involved, the Board did approve to work with the City Council to get a School Resource Officer.  The next step is to take this request to the City Council meeting on June 28.   The plan is for the cost of the SRO to be shared between the city and the school district.
f.     Custodian Pay Schedule/240 day contracts
To be competitive in the employment market the Board approved a new salary schedule for custodians starting at $9.50 an hour.  It is hoped this increase will help keep our excellent staff and assist in filling our current vacancy in the elementary school with a competitive salary.  
g.    Student Handbook Updates
Mrs Koch has worked hard to update next year’s student handbook.  The proposed student handbook for next year was approved.
h.    Policy Updates
A few policy updates that were suggested by the Arkansas School Boards Association were approved.

i.      Staff Transfer Policy 3.19M
This staff policy is about teacher transfers.  There is confusion on what this policy means and how it is to be interpreted.  The discussion was about having the policy removed.  The Board did decide to present some changes to this policy for PPC feedback.  The decision would allow for vacancies to be notified to all staff, and remove the transfer request option. The idea being that all vacancies will be made open for anyone to apply.                                             
              V.            Employment Resignations
a. Resignations/Employment
            Kinsey Baker- Elementary Art Teacher
            Kim Lee- Pre K Teacher
            Katy Hoover- Choir Teacher
            Paige Hewitt- MS Aide
            Bethany Phillip- Elem Teacher
            Mary McCoy-Custodian
            Misty Sillavan- Elem Teacher
            Marty Krutz- HS Business Teacher
            Haley Storms- MS Teacher
            Cliffton Bran – Food Service
            Barbara Williamson- Food Service
            Leann Hammett- classroom teacher (Elem. Sp. Ed)
            Elizabeth Tapley- classroom teacher (Elem. music)
            Stacy James – classroom teacher (HS Sp. Ed)
            Anna Bell – classroom teacher (Elem. Art)
            Shannon Southern – classroom teacher (Pre-K teacher)
            Kristen Johnson- classroom teacher (Elem. Sp. Ed.)
            Lesley Forsberg- Bookkeeper 

Adjournment and the meeting took about 90 minutes. 
Have a great day.

John Gray